Mindfulness And The Natural World

A lovely generous freebie for TODAY ONLY!

For use on Kindle or your Kindle app on your devices. Mindfulness by Claire Thompson is probably familiar reading for a lot of you. If not, I believe it should be. Even being familiar it jogs a lot of reminders too. Very easy to read and flows very well. 

My one concern with books like these is that I still feel the writer is dealing with an Us and Nature situation. Maybe, I do this in presentations too. I always feel the real exercise and training is how to train our ego into not thinking ‘Us and Nature’ and break down that illusion that we are either superior to it, or humble guests of it. 

I tend to think it is not about connecting to nature, but about disconnecting from our refusal, or surrender, to recognise we are part of it all.  I look at this ‘connect with nature’ thought we carry and think it is like the ridiculousness of the branding of ‘Organic Fruit and Vegetables’ leaving us to maybe think all other veggies are normal. Instead, I think it should be the ‘Inorganic Fruit and Vegetables’ that should be branded and labelled, because then its everything else that is normal. 

Despite my niggle there, this is a lovely generous read. There are some lovely little stories to colour and loosen this up about two thirds through, and a generous listing of useful references at the end. 

Worth getting today ... Then you may then want to get the paperback, or hardback.

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