Negate Your Carbon Footprint

CO2 Reduction from a Small Crop of Trees?

I am going to present some information I picked up from the Woodland Festival, that was a lovely big surprise for me ...

The Western Forestry Co-op speaker recommended that Ireland would negate it's carbon footprint if 25% of Ireland's land was forested with native woodland.

But please, if this is done, not done through commercial monoculture as management of this kills biodiversity.

The other challenges are that such woodland cover in Ireland would take away land for homes, farms, sustainable energy production. and commercial property that provides jobs, services, and production of products we use.

So I broke down this 25% cover ...

From EU Commission figures there are 6.9 million hectares of land within the Republic Of Ireland.

5.5 million hectares of land are without buildings

25% of Tree Cover = 1.375 million hectares of this uncovered land.

There are about 1.7 million households in Ireland that are occupied full time

If we consider 1.7 million households sharing 1.375 million hectares of Tree Cover to negate their Carbon footprint and acquire enough Oxygen ...

That is 0.8 hectares per household ...

That is just under 2 acres per household, 1.98 acres of tree cover to compensate for our average CO2 creation and creation of adequate Oxygen, adequate Air.

Most readers of this will not have access to 2 acres of land, or even have a garden as they live in an apartment, so how can this information be useful to them?

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