Forest Education

On this hub I present a case of how we could negate our Carbon Footprint with as little as a fifth or a quarter of an acre of woodland that also can serve as our 'Sanctuary'

I serve 6 ideas of how to own, rent, or have access to woodland for purposes of negating our Carbon Footprint, and serving as our essential Green Prescription.

None of this would be possible, though, without our psyche and emotions being fully passionate about our integration with woodlands, and all life on earth.

To feel this and connect we need our minds to change focus from the demoralising anxiety, such as from fear of the world burning up, and more onto self esteem boosting and confidence, as well as passion, for a small local project that could do wonders for ourselves, neighbours, and further landscapes that are inspired to do the same.

A good start is contemplating on the Cycles of Life rather than on our linear focuses such as 'birth to death'. I will be linking to a section here, Dragon Dreaming Tradition, soon, to offer you to look into this further.

Meanwhile ...

Forest Education, and following a Green Prescription all help us to return our ancestral living passion. Being there and taking part is what does it, and not reading this hub.

Now I will move on into the heritage of Forest Education and where I feel it is going today. There may be an image that Forest Education is just for tiny-tots, but today, it is very much in demand from adults!

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