Take your Green Prescription regularly

Health Protection & Therapy

It;s all about the Air! Breathing good Air. The Trees, Woodlands, and Forests, sharing their harvests of precious Air with us.

Enhances physical health in subtle ways

Enhances mental health in many ways that are featured all over this hub

But what is Forest Bathing?

I will rustle up my old articles on Forest Bathing shortly and post on this hub's blog.

It should not be as complex and as expensive as some practitioner make it.

It is about savouring the woodland at a slow pace, allowing your senses to speak and not your chattering mind. A guide may help to keep you focused on your beautifully responsive senses.

Walking, stopping, sitting and laying down all does it. Deep breathing moments help a lot. Something to do in woods, forest, and especially your own Tree Sanctuary

Let your Right Brain loose and enjoy the moments, enjoy the craic, and let you Left Brain relax, go to sleep, swithc off for awhile.

Forest Bathing is like having a good dreaming sleep, but being Awake to enjoy it. Very, very easy to do.

This must be regular, it's a Prescription :-) 

Once a week for a couple of hours will do it. If you can do more, there is no overdose. Take your Prescription every day, if you wish.

Be present, trust your senses, intuition, and instincts

Culture your imagination, Express your imagination without guilt or shame.

Be encouraged to learn and how to take risks. A lot of wisdom incubated by risks. Risks are ok.

It is so important not to be lured into the modern litigation culture, as that is never a quest for happiness, good living, and calm ... though some corporate poisoning may be an exception.

A cycle of 5 Actions for your quest towards Tree Sanctuary. Be blessed with this. 

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