Help Someone With Their Woodland

Now onto something that apartment dwellers and small garden people can consider.

This is to help someone with their woodland as a volunteer, so this is a good 'no financial investment' option.

This would be a very loose arrangement

The land owner may not reward well for your efforts, and has probably not budgeted for paying for help.

Woodland owner may not let you into any of the decision making, so this may not be a long term option for a personal Tree Sanctuary It depends on your relationship with the landowner. If the owner is a relation or long term close friend, the chances of a personal sanctuary are greater. It may mean a personal investment later. A sort of 'paid upgrade'

There could be limitations on your own personal ideas and choices. A few times you may consider 'is this for me?'.

Land owner may have hidden intent and through these control how you share the land. Sometimes these intents are of a guru or cult style, but this seems to be quite rare these days.

On the up side, this can be a great way to get started if you do not have your own land or not enough for a tree sanctuary. A lot will be learned for the good, so no time wasted if the agreement stops at any time. You will find another way if this gets taken from you.

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