Your Own Garden or Field

If you have your own garden or field, that has over a fifth of an acre you can use for trees, you are ahead! Quarter of an acre, or more, is better if you can manage it.

It is the least hassle of all of these 6 options

I was surprised to discover we could have claimed €500 grant aid for the trees on the quarter of an acre tree labyrinth, but I am not a fan of applying for government grants. I find that once a project is grant funded the civil service reps do not leave you alone. Its as if they think they run the project.

I prefer Crowdfunding instead of applying for grants myself. Facebook Fundraising I have found to be surprisingly good and more effective than GoFundMe, and similar.

Also check your County Council rules related to growing trees on your land. The most common objection is if you may block line of sight on roads, but that is rare.

Now onto options that apartment dwellers can consider ...

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