Recognise Your Oxygen Hunger

For Survival, we need Food, Water, and Air

Let's think of our basic survival, even if there was no eco destruction or concerns ...


Most of us know how to get food, where to shop, and how ro grow food. Later I may add links here to take this subject further.


Most of us have water piped into our homes, and know it's source.

Some of us still use wells as their main water source, and some of us collect rainwater.

Even with mains water some of us maintain a local well or collect rainwater is some way just in case of mains water problems, such as drought and boil water notices.


Most of us do not think much about air, and where it comes from? And air is on the verge of becoming a priced commodity, just like foods and water.

With food we try to grow food to decentralise ourselves from the industry, plus we trust home grown food more.

With water we may try out having our own well, collect rainwater, install our own filtration systems, all to take back control and trust of our water

But what about Air?

Considering that we ....

Garden for Food
Collect Water
Can we forest to absorb CO2, and create, grow, fresh Oxygen for Air to Breathe?

Believing in this is what raises our passion and commitment to the idea of starting with a fifth to a quarter acre of woodland per household, as our Tree Sanctuary space ... and stick to our purpose.

Its as if we need to commit to growing our own air as well as recycle our carbon. 

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