Rent A Plot From Private Landowner

This is a new idea from an old idea ...

This is a new idea for growing trees, such as a Tree Sanctuary, that I first came across in Scotland, and I believe the idea is growing fast there.

This idea has been popular for a long time as renting plots of land to grow vegetables. Private allotments are an example.

I watched a documentary a few years ago where a Kildare landowner rented out plots from a field for vegetable and fruit growing. Two of the plot renters were music 'stars' Shane McGowan and Glen Hansard. This was before Shane's hip break, and about the time when the film featuring Glen, One, was released.

Neither Shane or Glen looked after their plots very well, for various reasons, but they did turn up for the allotment renter's harvest gathering in Autumn. When asked why they did not have much of a yield from their plots, Glen Hansard asked, "Could I grow trees here next year?"

Anyone in Ireland should be able to rent quarter of an acre for €10 a month. or €100 a year, and any landowner should make a decent small profit from that. Several landowners may seek earning 2 or 3 times more than that, while others may surprise and offer a peppercorn rental agreement, maybe as little as one euro a year.

A single plot for you may be a tough negotiation, though. It is easier if you can encourage a few friends to do the same as you and even rent a field together. A farmer is more likely to offer a group discount in return.

Some people do rent or buy a field from a farmer, then rent plots from this to cover the cost.

I will update with some links of people doing this, here on this Us And Trees Hub, in due course.

As I find out more I will increase encouraging this potentially popular option.

There could be modern Insurance issues with this choice. We will debate this and inform you of best links. This is to be covered here through this Us And Trees Hub.

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