Save The Earth?

Was not sure how to title this introduction to 'Us And Trees', but it seems to sum up quite an anxious global thought, discussion, and protests these days ... for good reason.

Hello, I'm John Willmott, Tree Hugger, aka Woodland Bard to some people, and those other things listed above. 'Us And Trees' is my initial presentation but quickly moved into being a hub of wonderful people and services helping other people to establish tree sanctuaries. Why?  Please read on ...

The Pain, Fear, Guilt & Shame

Right now it seems that thousands, probably millions of people are in emotional pain about what is polluting and burning our planet.

I will not include the world stats on forest destruction, but I think we all know they are scary. Recently it has seemed like the whole world is burning, Amazon, Siberia, Canada, Alaska, California, Chile, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, and more not made the headlines in between Boris and Trump.

Some of us wish we had a magic trick to sort out and magically heal the planet. The call of the 'Universe' to create a downpour.

So what can we do?

Host drum circles to call upon the goddess women of the earth to heal it?

Five Actions

I have had a passion for native woodlands since I was a child but 60 years later I went to a Woodland Festival in Co. Leitrim, August 2019, and the combination of lectures, craft market presentations, and Native foresters I met walking around landed me with a new wonderful revelation. One of those Elephant In The Room situations, but a good one.

Here is what I learned ...

Please now click/tap through to The 'Five Actions' section of this hub


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