Using Local Unused Land

You could look out, ask around, for local unused land and offer a contracted arrangement 

This means a commitment to purchase or rent, or even rent to own. If renting a contract of minimum 10 years is needed, and preferably 25 years or more, with an option to sell or pass on the contract.

Commit to at least a fifth of an acre per person involved, though quarter of an acre or more is better.

A fifth of an acre in Ireland seems to now average €3000 to buy. In a very fertile area, like Meath, this could be as much as €4000 or €5000. But the deals you could get are very variable.

Motivation of the land seller is incredibly variable. Some like the idea of a quick cheap sale. Others may love the idea of your woodland intent and reduce the price because of that.

The quality and easy or difficult access to the land changes price a lot. Sometimes your accent can affect price. In rural Ireland several landowners still multiply the price if they hear a Dublin, UK, or USA accent as there is still assumption that people from these places are all wealthy and can afford it.

Renting would ease your initial financial commitment though.

A fifth to a quarter of an acre plot should be rentable at under €100 per year.

Again this can be very variable and generally dependant on your presentation to the land owner, the mood of the landowner at the time of your presentation and offer, and, again, maybe your accent.

All of these proposed arrangements are subject to the landowner's motivation for profitability vs generous interest and even passion for what you intend to do.

Getting a decent deal for an unused land plot by yourself can be tricky. Long term rental agreements and contracts do risk being fickle and loopholed, but see what you can do,

Efforts are never wasted. If you are moved off of the land after a few years, what you achieved until then would have been valuable to the soil, and may have returned more biodiversity.

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