How To Be A Woodland Curator

Six Choices

... to curate and be part of your own or shared Tree Sanctuary to negate your own CO2 footprint, and 'grow' more Oxygen

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Your Own Garden or Field

Least hassle
Grant aid or Crowdfunding?
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Help Someone with their Woodland

Very loose arrangement, no security
Landowner could change mind easily,
But very good for getting your hands into this at low cost
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Using Local Unused Land

Purchase or Rent land and get a firm long term arrangement.
You can share this with other people to keep costs down, optional.

Rent A Plot from Private Landowner

New idea for creating a Tree Sanctuary,
Based on the old seasons idea of rented plots for growing veggies

Form A Co-Operative

Buy or rent land together as equals
Work land together for shared Tree Sanctuary,
Or as individuals creating individual or family Sanctuaries

Community Neighbourwood Scheme

Shared scheme like a Co-operative but,
Always open to the public,
Partnership with forestry company to manage the woods,
While Co-operative or committee manage events and education


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