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Green Your Life

Hello , This is a new hub site that I am constructing to add to my woodland and water caring collection of hubs and portals. This hub is to become a support for my 'Us & Trees' presentation and workshop events, first one happening this 13th November, 2019, at Noon ...poster below. First, my short bio going into the blurb to introduce the events John Willmott's passion is encouraging more native tree planting and care. John’s presentation will demonstrate ideas anyone can do to reduce CO2 from the air around them through trees, even if you do not have a garden or field. Through doing so, also create a passion to be more caring with all of our resources. John is keeper of Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens that includes a large Tree Labyrinth that visitors use for contemplation and re-learning about nature. John carries 63 years of experience in tree, water and landscape folklore, and storytelling that started when he was a child. So here is the event ...   Fr