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Planting A Billion Trees, Is This A Good Thing?

Its Election Campaigning time in Britain when all party leaders are competing for votes through offering people what they want to here. For some reason people always forget that these promises are never kept.

For the Brexit Party Contract, Nigal Farage, has announced a plan to plant billions of trees to absorb CO2. No mention where. He just says 'all over the world'? Farage is trying to get Climate denier Donald Trump on board.

One one hand, I am delighted that a politician party leader regards tree planting as something that the public want to hear. A couple of days previous, he did not seem to know what a tree is. This seems to be purely votes phishing.

Are Mass Plantings of Trees good for our Planet Earth?

What do you feel about these mass planting programs? With the Farage plan I imagine his plicy would include masses of biodiversity killing monoculture. If he attempted native mixed species forestry I can imagine the wrong species in the wrong places, and when that happens…

Carbon Miles or Carbon Storage

Since my last posted article asking how many Trees are needed to absorb a Flight, I have been in quite a lot of conversation through Facebook, Messenger, and emails, and even through the old fashioned telephone.

Very interesting conversation with very diverse opinions. Opinions have been tightly linked to the lifestyles of the people making them, so obviously they are honest opinions and questions.

Within a short time these conversations have defined for me what I am doing with this 'Us And Trees - What Can We Do?' hub.

A Quest With Trees

During the past 11 years most of my focus has been on Bards In The Woods and Tree Labyrinth Sessions here at Carrowcrory. Before that, I was very much in the woods but my visualisation, performance, and storytelling work seemed to be in all kinds of places, though I think I have always done woodland picnics :-)

Bards In The Woods and the Tree Labyrinth seem to bring everything I do together. Rather than being a conservation and 'save the p…

How Many Trees Needed to Absorb A Flight CO2?

Quite a bit of conversation about our CO2 Footprint when Flying?

If you live with mixed biodiversity woods around you, such as your own Tree Sanctuary, you could be well ahead of CO2 absorbed by them in relation to CO2 produced by your home and car travel.

With flights, there seems to be mixed results on this depending on the scientists. The average conclusion seems to be that the CO2 released by an Aer Lingus flight going from Dublin to London one way in about an hour, is the equivalent of an oak tree 10 years or older absorbing CO2 over 4 years.

With 150 people on a flight that breaks down to 20 days of mature Oak CO2 per person per return flight. That’s not bad if we are modest flyers and have access to looking after trees.

 A boat and car drive by 2 people is about the same as flight unless the car is shared by 4 people, or take a bus or train instead of drive a car. The car driving from a sea port kicks out the CO2 per person, that was saved during the sea crossing.

Trees For Living

First, to acknowledge Trees For Life in Scotland who are doing awesome re-wilding work, and have been for several years. This photo, to me, fits the energy of this time, the winter season of tree planting.

Us And Trees hub site latest

I have been linking people to this hub site during the past week, but little to see here yet. The Links Page should be useful for now.

I will be dedicating much of the next 10 weeks to building up these pages to make the whole set very useful to you. Please subscribe above to keep up with developments, new links, and new information.

Green For Life - quick review

Green For Life was hosted at the wonderful highly motivating IT Sligo college, in Sligo town, Ireland, last Wednesday, 13th November, 2019.

I had a table to talk about Us And Trees for a couple of hours during the morning,

... then gave Us And Trees, What Can We Do? It's first presentation.

The audience included some wonderful local people from vocations of organic gardening, food forestry, a…

What We Can Do

Sharing these topics at the launch of 'Us And Trees - What Can We Do' at IT Sligo on 13th November.  Click here for more info of the event ...  CO2 Reduction through Trees
easier than you may think
Create a Tree Sanctuary
even if you live in an apartmentCreating a Passion for Woodlands
conscience re-connection to trees and woodlandForest Education for all
not just for the little tots any moreFollowing a Green Prescription
because people follow prescriptions, don't they?Following soon is the paper release of my next 'Bathing' series book, 'Bathing Our Roots - Us And Trees'