Your Own Tree Sanctuary

Through the Five Actions section, I included a chapter.  'Create Or Join A Tree Sanctuary'
In this section I focus on how to become your Tree Sanctuary

Also, you can book me for talks about this

As you may have interpreted, 'Us And Trees' is much more than being a hub to encourage a lot of tree planting. The expression here is to encourage return to connection with the ebb and flow of nature ... and feel free to call this, express this what you prefer and believe in,  such as the qi, breath, lifeforce, and fae realm.

Dissolving The Walls Away

What I do discourage is invisibly enforce a wall between what we may regard as the material earth life and the spiritual. I invite you all to explore all as one here in Tree Sanctuary, your Tree Sanctuary.

For the starting point I will attempt to keep this simple and call it 'consciousness', and the actions of connection, inspiration, and imagination as 'conscious contemplation' ... then when you share this maybe it is 'community contemplation'. There we are, a few more terms to add to the holistic dictionary.

The lifestyle of Tree Sanctuary I constantly imagine as a seasonal cycle of bonding of the fallen with the birthing. It is a constant restoring rhythm like a soundwave, sea ebb and flowing, and the light waning and waxing cycles of the moon.

A Sanctuary Of Ebb And Flow Dance

Action is constantly restoring. I often coach people to never look for answers but allow themselves to live with their questions. I feel this rewards living with constant wonder, wonder that accepts unconditional wisdom. From this births a different kind of leadership that surfs intimately with the flows and resists control.

To me, Tree Sanctuaries, where the maturing trees actually grow, I believe are the most wonderful collective action for the environment. It is where local, not only in location, but from our own timeless consciousness, connects into the communities visioned towards planetary restoration. With trees, I feel this is much more wholesome and sustainable than mere big mass tree plantings.

Please Gather, Any Way You Can

I do vision this 'Us And Trees' hub to become a gathering space that will invite and offer a growing a range of educational resources, such as courses, videos, written work, podcasts, and more importantly,community style gatherings.

Through this I confidently feel we could dissolve demoralisation, build our soulful strength, enjoy the resilience of togetherness, and feel our re-connection to nature's flowing realm.

Speaking of this from Ireland, I am constantly reminded of feelings, maybe vision, that Ireland still has an unwordable ‘spirit’, not just the proclaimed fighting spirit. For some unexplained reason, it feels like there is a constant incubating and fetus of the poets, bards, painters, storytellers, visionaries, land stewards, and teachers maybe underground, but it’s spring shoots about to burst and connect into its season in the light.

Any of that that feels nature-connected is bound to nurture us deeply. To me, that is close to what I define as Tree Sanctuary

more information will be added here very soon ...


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