How Many Trees Needed to Absorb A Flight CO2?

Quite a bit of conversation about our CO2 Footprint when Flying?

If you live with mixed biodiversity woods around you, such as your own Tree Sanctuary, you could be well ahead of CO2 absorbed by them in relation to CO2 produced by your home and car travel.

With flights, there seems to be mixed results on this depending on the scientists. The average conclusion seems to be that the CO2 released by an Aer Lingus flight going from Dublin to London one way in about an hour, is the equivalent of an oak tree 10 years or older absorbing CO2 over 4 years.

With 150 people on a flight that breaks down to 20 days of mature Oak CO2 per person per return flight. That’s not bad if we are modest flyers and have access to looking after trees.

 A boat and car drive by 2 people is about the same as flight unless the car is shared by 4 people, or take a bus or train instead of drive a car. The car driving from a sea port kicks out the CO2 per person, that was saved during the sea crossing.


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