Trees For Living

First, to acknowledge Trees For Life in Scotland who are doing awesome re-wilding work, and have been for several years. This photo, to me, fits the energy of this time, the winter season of tree planting.

Us And Trees hub site latest

I have been linking people to this hub site during the past week, but little to see here yet. The Links Page should be useful for now.

I will be dedicating much of the next 10 weeks to building up these pages to make the whole set very useful to you. Please subscribe above to keep up with developments, new links, and new information.

Green For Life - quick review

Green For Life was hosted at the wonderful highly motivating IT Sligo college, in Sligo town, Ireland, last Wednesday, 13th November, 2019.

I had a table to talk about Us And Trees for a couple of hours during the morning,

... then gave Us And Trees, What Can We Do? It's first presentation.

The audience included some wonderful local people from vocations of organic gardening, food forestry, and native woodlands. We also had several teenage students who had bussed in from Donegal County and they were a joy to exchange with. They seem to be Greta Thunberg followers, so that helped the topic be easy.

I feel it is lovely that Greta seems to be a teen hero like the pop stars, rock stars, game creators, and techno djs of our past. I also notice the flack that Greta gets from adults is similar to the outrage that past 'grown-ups' had against the pop stars, rock stars etc.

Above is Joanna and her lovely team of students that put this event together ...

Forest Team Building Days

I am going to post a link to this when they post a page on this, but the wonderful OURganic Gardens at Gortahook, Co. Donegal are now taking bookings for Spring 2020 Forest Sessions.

Forest Bathing & Foraging session
Tree Planting & Environmental Awareness session
Forest Skills and Bush Craft sessions.

I do not know any pricing for this yet.

Taking up to 20 people in a group.

For now, just click this link and ask about the Tree Sessions

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