Replacing Emotional Isolation with Natural Connection

This is a wonderful video that is. perfect for our, badly named, ‘isolation’ time. To me this slowed down time  is a perfect opportunity to ‘smell the roses’, as it was once said. A time for moments to learn how to ditch our linear academic taught languages, that can taunt us with a lot of fear, offence, intimidation, and other abuses.
... and return us back to the language of our senses and sense the other beautiful carriers of life around us. By doing so rebuild our connections we once carried as a species ... when we did not have people to teach us linear languages.

This is an essential simple video instruction from Jon Young

The graphic above is from Jon's presentation

I love the part of bringing forward the stories formed by our senses back into our linear language, our tool for sharing with others, as a way they may listen to not just from words but with all senses, not just their ears.

Reminds me of some of the Bards In The Woods meet-ups we used to do where this truly happened, the nature walk, the picnic, the sharing of stories as people were in a space to listen and be listened to.

For now, what a wonderful way to live through this isolation time to avoid the creeping in of loneliness, stress of human disconnection, depression.

I strong suggest, practice this now and I am sure anyone can feel fuller, more loved, more connected, more complete than before isolation.  We can still tell and share stories through online mediums for now, until we meet up again.

What a wonderful essential central component of any ‘Forest School’ or 'Nature School' education for any age ... especially after this isolation ‘apprenticeship’ time.

Quite a challenge for Jon Young here to present this, I think, in a dark cinema style setting and not outside somewhere, but he handles this well. Well worth the watch, and could even be life changing for a few people 🙂


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