Forming A Co-Operative

Forming a local Woodland Co-Operative is another Tree Sanctuary ides.

It is very popular in Scotland where Woodland Co-operatives have been operating for almost 40 years.

The Big Question is, are you willing to work land into woodland, or manage or curate an existing woodland together within a co-operative group?

... or would you prefer that each person looks after their own personal woodland sanctuary, but share responsibility for equal owning or renting of the land?

You could buy land together with equal investment and equal shares, that can be passed on or sold.

To keep the Co-operative secured for a long term and for general legal protection the co-operative will need solicitor services.

The Co-operative will need a Co-operative Manager to administrate it. The best choice is for all members to equally pay towards the salary of an independent manager. Alternatively, you may pass around the position for a term time for each member. A Co-operative Manager could be the Chair Person too.

You will truly need an mediator, again someone independent is best, to lead council and oversee disputes until they come to a balanced conclusion.

Disputes between members of a co-operative will happen. I feel this is a far better way to sustain integrity and friendship within the co-operative than the judge and jury approach. It hangs on old Brehon Law traditions, that I will expand on within this hub eventually.

Forming or joining a Woodland Sanctuary Co-operative is a strong choice, really

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